Welcome to GAIA Group

GAIA aims to be a diversified infrastructure investment company, and invests in large-scale energy, transport and water related infrastructure projects in a responsible and transparent manner. In so doing, GAIA provides investors with predictable, inflation linked, long-term cash-yield investments whilst providing investors with liquidity to exit their investments. GAIA will continue to focus on making investments in various infrastructure projects through equity and debt instruments that meet our required returns.

GAIA intends building a portfolio of infrastructure assets that present low investment risk and are income generating. Whilst initially focusing on utility scale renewable energy, GAIA’s diversified portfolio will over time span energy, transport and water related infrastructure. This will provide investment vehicles for investors to access attractive South African and sub-Saharan African growth opportunities. GAIA offers a listed, long-term investment solution to the institutional savings industry, which has had, up to now, limited exposure to benefit from infrastructure opportunities as well as unlisted relaunches in the Group.


Infrastructure opportunities

Investment case

Investments in infrastructure in general have various advantages for institutional and retail investors.

The financial returns of the projects are attractive due to the following factors: returns are in the form of cash distributions, cash flows are contracted over a long term, and returns are explicitly linked to CPI.

Our capabilities

GAIA was founded and is managed by leading investment, engineering and strategy experts. GAIA comprises highly skilled actuarial, engineering, project development, and investment professionals. They facilitate exposure for long-term investors to infrastructure investment opportunities.