Gaia provides access to attractive South African and Sub-Saharan African opportunities delivering its investors with predictable, inflation linked, long term cash yielding returns via listed and unlisted investment vehicles.

As a specialist asset manager, Gaia focuses exclusively on infrastructure and agriculture investments and prides itself on its unique engineering, project development and finance skills to execute upon the investment options throughout the project lifecycle.

Gaia Impact Report

Project life cycle and risk

GAIA project lifecycle and risk

Investment proposition

A solution that encompasses:

Positive, sustainable impact on Africa and its people
Strong team with proven track record and relevant experience
Stable, consistent, uncorrelated return profile
Inflation protection
Portfolio diversification benefits
Competitive fees

Investment opportunities

As a listed vehicle on the Cape Town Stock Exchange, Gaia and Fibonacci Managers provides investors with access to a specialist infrastructure asset class in fibre-optic infrastructure through a tax efficient REIT structure.
As a listed vehicle on the Cape Town Stock Exchange, Gaia provides unit trusts, investment funds and institutions access to infrastructure as an asset class in a regulated, transparent and cost effective structure.
Gaia has been selected as one of 5 funds by the International Climate Finance Accelerator Luxembourg to emulate Gaia’s success within the greater Sub-Saharan African continent, investing in operational infrastructure projects with stable cash flows allowing project developers to recycle their capital and develop new projects to the benefit of the continent and its people
Through its private equity division and tax efficient S12J Venture Capital Company, Gaia Venture Capital Limited, Gaia invests in infrastructure and agribusiness private companies and projects which meet our investment mantra of delivering predictable, inflation linked and long term cash yielding returns.


Gaia was founded and is managed by leading investment, engineering and strategy experts. Gaia comprises highly skilled actuarial, engineering, project development, and investment professionals with a demonstrated investment performance track record.

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Value creation

With Gaia’s in-house multi-disciplined team having concluded transactions with a total value in excess of US$250 million, Gaia as first mover and brand leader is viewed as the premier transaction counterparty.

Given the long duration of the investments, Gaia’s skillset ensures only sound transactions are concluded with continual technical, operational and financial optimisation resulting in long term performance.

GAIA value creation